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Decend into the darkness and spend the night at the UK’s most haunted buildings and investigate the mysterious spirits that reside in them with
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Our Investigation Methods

You don’t have to participate in any activity you don’t want to.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable with some of our activities, you are free to explore the building.

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Guided Tour

Before we begin our investigations, you will be invited to join a tour guided by your paranormal guide, Paul Smailes.

You will learn the history of the location, as well as its many hair-raising mysteries, and details of its haunting.


We typically start our investigations off with a callout. Successful calls will draw spirits to our location and when that happens, our sophisticated equipment is set off alerting us to their presence.

Callout Equipment

During a callout, we use:
‘The Musical Box’, a box-shaped apparatus with a sensor that is triggered when anything moves too close to it.Howl the Clown who”s eyes light up and he gives out a Creepy Laugh when a Spirit goes by him .

Specially adapted Spirit Boxes that the dead can communicate through.

The Famous ‘K2 Meter’, made famous by the TV show ‘Ghost Hunters’. The primary purpose of the K2 meter is to detect electromagnetic energy, which is what spirits seem to be comprised of.

Ouija Communications

Is there a better way to discover a spirit’s intentions or troubles than to as them directly?

With its first recorded use in China in the 12th centure, Ouija has been a fascinating form of communicating with the dead. The ouija has been used in necromantic rituals, early American ancestral communications.

During a location investigation, you will be invited to take part in an ouija communication session in which you can channel your energy into a planchette, which will allow any spirits to talk through you, and into the ouija.

Table Tipping

Table Tipping (or table-turning) is another form of communication. It involves a group of people resting only their fingertips on a table, which allows the spirits to flow through the group and spin, tip, or simply move the table.

You’ll be amazed at the raw power and sheer force some spirits can channel into the tables, with some spirits spinning our tables faster than we can keep up!

Glass on Table

A Glass on Table seance is similar to an ouija seance, however, a glass on table only has the words “yes” or “no” which are placed onto a table. A regular glass is then placed into the centre of the table. Guests are invited to place a finger on the glass and move it around slightly. One of our investigators (or an informed guest) will then call out to any nearby spirits who will then channel themselves through your fingertips, into the glass and answer your yes or no questions.

Coronavirus Update:

As from the 19th July 2021, restrictions are lifting, however the safety of our guests and our team will always be paramount to us.

For your health and safety, we will continue to keep a close watch on the Covid-19 virus and follow any advice that may be given from the health authorities. Should any event have to be postponed/rescheduled, then we will of course contact you personally to offer a future date of choice, or if preferred a credit of any monies that you have been paid can be added back to your booking account, which can then be used against any available future ghost hunt of your choice.

Loads of fun with great people, would recommend! 🍷💋👌👻

One of the best nights I’ve ever had with the lads and girls .. thanks to Paul Smailes ghost nights❤👻


I had a great night. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking about going, can’t wait for the next adventure.

Thanks for the great night, we had lots of activity with your equipment and boards. Great location and we can’t wait for the next one!