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Jedburgh Jail

What Is Jedburgh Jail?

Are you ready to experience the dark side of Scottish history? Do you have the courage to face the ghosts of Jedburgh Jail, a place of misery and death for hundreds of years? Join us on a night of paranormal investigation and discover the secrets of this haunted site.

The jail was built in 1823 on the site of a medieval castle that was destroyed by the English. The jail was designed to be a model of prison reform, but it soon became a hellhole for the inmates, who suffered from overcrowding, disease, and brutal punishments. Many of them died in their cells, or were executed on the gallows outside.

Today, Jedburgh Jail is a museum that preserves the history and horror of this place. But when the sun goes down, the spirits of the past come out to play. You will have the chance to explore the jail and its grounds, using various equipment and techniques. You will also take part in seances, vigils, and experiments, to communicate with the restless souls that haunt this place. You will also learn about the history and legends of Jedburgh Jail, and how they may be connected to the paranormal activity.

Are you brave enough to enter the dark and eerie world of Jedburgh Jail? Book your tickets now and join us on this thrilling and chilling ghost hunt!

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