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Shropshire Aero Club

What is the Shropshire Aero Club?

Welcome to the Shropshire Aero Club, a historic and haunted site that dates back to the 18th century. This airfield has seen many battles, fires, and tragedies, and is now a popular tourist attraction. But what secrets lie within its hangars and towers? Who are the ghosts that haunt its runways and fields? Join us on a night of paranormal investigation and find out for yourself!

On this ghost hunt, you will have the opportunity to explore the airfield and its grounds, using various ghost hunting equipment and techniques. You will also participate in seances, vigils, and experiments, to communicate with the otherworldly entities that inhabit this place. You will hear stories of the apparitions, noises, and sensations that have been reported by previous visitors and staff. You will also learn about the history and legends of the club, and how they may be connected to the paranormal activity.

Are you brave enough to face the unknown? Do you have what it takes to uncover the secrets of the Shropshire Aero Club? Book your tickets now and join us on this thrilling and chilling ghost hunt!

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