Terms and Conditions

Hauntedbuildings.uk Allows for the investigation of paranormal activities in this property by special arrangement and all those participating must read this indemnity agreeing they fully understand its content, they must confirm they are over 18 years of age to enter these premises to participate in the search of the Paranormal. I understand and acknowledge that Hauntedbuildings.uk Productions, Where applicable, Have consented to my entry into the premises expressly subject to my execution of this waiver and release (This release) and my performance of each of the obligations described in the release. I understand that there are natural man-made, and environmental conditions and risks involved in being in the property and participating in these activities, including, Falls, Changing weather, Variations in steepness or Terrain, Natural and man-made obstacles, Equipment failure, Collisions with objects, Structures or other people and reactions, Bumps, Burns, negligence of others or exceeding my own abilities, Which may cause severe or fatal injuries. In consideration of my participation in the activities, I agree to the following terms and conditions, 1 I expressly agree to assume all conditions, risks or injury and responsibility for all falls, Accidents, Personal injuries, And /Or property damage, including all risks of injury or damages resulting in the property provided by Hauntedbuildings.uk 2 I agree to forever waive and release Hauntedbuildings.uk from any claims, Damages, Rights of action and injuries, Losses and damages resulting in any way from my participation in the activities or proximity to the activities, Including reimbursement of any attorney”s fees and costs incurred by Hauntedbuildings.uk 3 I agree that i am responsible for my own safety and i shell accept and abide by the rules and regulations of each and any activity. I will follow any and all instructions and directions from Hauntedbuildings.uk 4 Hauntedbuildings.uk ask you when you leave the event please leave quietly 5 Hauntedbuildings.uk will not allow anyone under the age of 18 on there events , We are sorry but some of are Locations are not wheelchair Friendly ,But please let us know and we will see what we can Do with having a disabled son in a wheelchair I will go the Extra mile , 6 Behaviour Policy Hauntedbuildings .uk first Priority we will not tolerant any disrespectful behaviour will be dealt with swifty and the person/persons will removed from the event , Hauntedbuildings.uk take a zero tolerance to alcohol and drugs if any client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will not be allowed into the event and will not be refunded , 7 , Deposits are none refunsable but  you are welcome to use it for some other event of your choice ,8 I have read this waiver and release of liability before entering this building 9 If the event is cancelled by the owners of the venue Hauntedbuildings.uk will not pay for your Travel costs and any overnight accommodation you have arranged, Hauntedbuildings .uk are not liable for any damage to your vehicle or any belongings in your vehicle.if you get a parking ticket Hauntedbuildings.uk are not responsible ,Hauntedbuildings.uk are not responsible for any tips or falls on any of its locations ,Tickets for any events on hauntedbuildings.uk can only be booked through the hauntedbuildings.uk websight  and know other party ,If you need any speaial Requests please call me or email as Hauntedbuildings .uk will do its Upmost best to Accommodate you to make sure you have a Great Night on your event .And please leaave your event in a Quiet Manner as there are peoples homes near by ,Thank you and have a safe journey home if you have to travel far please pull in at a Service Starion for a break And that for for your support becauce without you Hauntedbuildings .uk would not be it means a lot to me .Can I also please add if you pay a Deposits/full payments can you please leave a email or contact details so i can confirm  as some people are paying Deposits/full payments and have left know contact details thank you .Hauntedbuildings.uk are not responsible for any loss of personal items of any value beloning to Guests .